Iðnaðarsýningin 2023


Iðnaðarsýningin 2023 will be held in Laugardalshöll on August 31 - September 2 2023.

In an eventful year, the exhibition company Ritsýn sf. organized three professional exhibitions: ICELAND FISHING EXPO/ÍSLENSKUR SJÁVÁRÚTVEGUR September 21–23, ÍSLENSKUR LANDBÚNAÐUR October 14 -16 and STÓRELDHÚSIÐ November 10 -11. We have received exceptionally good responses to these exhibitions both from the exhibitors and the many visitors.

Various exhibitors have shown interest in the extensive industry exhibition. We have decided to hold such a large exhibition on August 31 - September 2 , 2023. The exhibition has been named: IÐNAÐARSÝNINGIN 2023 and will be held in Laugardalshöll. The main areas of the exhibition will be: structures, energy, infrastructure, design and ecological solutions.

Industry is a very large part of our economy. According to statistics, it creates more than a fifth of the national product. And then only the direct contribution to the national product is discussed. The indirect contribution is much more. IÐNAÐARSÝNINGIN 2023 spans the wide range of industries whether in the field of structures, energy, manufacturing, intellectual property or green solutions to name a few. Such an exhibition has a message for nationals whether they work or are connected to the industrial field.

IÐNAÐARSÝNINGIN 2023 is done in collaboration with Samtök Iðnaðarins.



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