Iðnaðarsýningin 2023


Iðnaðarsýningin 2025 will be held in Laugardalshöll October 2 - 4 2025.

Iðnaðarsýningin 2023 was extremely successful, with a high attendance and impressive booths. IÐNAÐARSÝNINGIN 2025 will be held in Laugardalshöllinni October 2-4 and the main themes of the exhibition are: infrastructure, energy, facilities, design, and sustainable solutions.

Industry is a significant part of our economy. According to statistics, it contributes to roughly a fifth of the national production. And that's just talking about the direct contribution to the national production. The indirect contribution is much greater. IÐNAÐARSÝNINGIN 2025 covers a wide range of industrial sectors, whether it's in infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, innovation, or green solutions, just to name a few. Such an exhibition addresses the concerns of the public, whether they work in or are connected to the industrial sector.

IÐNAÐARSÝNINGIN 2025 is done in collaboration with Samtök Iðnaðarins.



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